jay president

Jay Kalra

Originally from Queens, New York (but he got here as fast as he could!) and a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, Jay became the new (and happy!) owner and President of Tour-Rific of Texas in September 2018. Prior to acquiring Tour-Rific, Jay spent his entire career in the Consulting industry. Soccer is a pretty big activity in Jay’s life — he’s either watching it on TV, watching his son and daughter play or attempting to play on Saturday mornings!


Sandi Kerth
Senior Vice President

Sandi is the founder, creator, and genius behind the business! Former Flight Attendant for American Airlines where her main job was to get people out of a plane upside down under water (if that should become necessary!) ….and basically, after 27 years with Tour-Rific, it still is her primary role! She is the TTT…Tour-Rific of Texas Troubleshooter! She is also the “mom” of Paisley Pauline, Tour-Rific’s new Director of Homeland Security.


Debbie Hawkins
Director of Finance and Accounting

Debbie is a former “foster mom” for Safe House Rescue. After rescuing about a million dogs (well, it seemed like a million), she quit to be the best accountant EVER! If you don’t hear from Debbie, you have given us your passenger count, # of rooms and you paid on time! She is also a huge Astros fan, Trivia Queen (seriously, ask her anything!) and loves “The King”, a.k.a. Elvis! She even has a miniature Graceland Statue on her desk!


Nicole Shaw
Student Travel Specialist

Nicole came to Tour-Rific from the Real Estate industry, so she knows her way around customer service, contracts, and proposals!  But her REAL passion is travel and she seems to know everything about almost everywhere.  Just ask her!  If she hasn’t personally been there, she has researched it for a future trip for either her family or a friend!  She also makes an amazing charcuterie board, so her talents are unlimited!


Suzi Waters
Director of Ground Transportation

Suzi came to Tour-Rific from the Spring Volunteer Fire Department where the main objective was protecting lives and property. Now, instead of driving a truck she is checking DOT safety records, booking buses and still “putting out fires” on occasion….when buses are sold out and we need one, it becomes a fully involved 3-alarm “search and rescue”! She is “mom” to Mia Kate and Bella Rose, our Co-directors of Transportation.


Jennifer Randle
Director of Air Operations

Jennifer is our “Air Guru” and has mastered the skill with lightning speed! She tirelessly searches for the best air at the best price for our groups and then if she doesn’t like it, she tries again!! She also books hotels and with her banking background, she is the perfect match for checking the details of a rooming or passenger list…but she may stalk you if you don’t send them! Her two sweet daughters and her chocolate lab “brat” puppy, Hunter, keep her in high “mamma” gear when she is not at work.

Kyle e1685991109164

Kyle Coleman
Student Travel Specialist

After being our customer for 27 years, Kyle retired as Head Band Director of Morton Ranch High School and became our newest employee and the second man in the office after over a quarter century of “ladies only”! He has plenty of experience traveling with Tour-Rific as well as on his own and will now put that to good use planning trips for our groups. He is an aviation “guru” who seems to know everything about the industry from its early history (before he was born!!) to worldwide airport codes!

paisley pauline

Paisley Pauline, Director of Homeland Security, is a Chihuahua, Poodle, & Yorkie mix who has abandonment issues after being left alone in her apartment after her original owners moved out! Sandi was approved to adopt her over almost 50 other applicants! Of course, Paisley had to be interviewed for her position at Tour-Rific but she is very strong, focused (on Sandi), honest and, as you can see, adorable!

mia kate

Mia Kate, Co-director of Transportation, is the offspring of “Lucky Lucy of Pasadena”! She is tiny but mighty and very loyal. She focuses on every task we ask her to do and works very hard, especially if there is a cookie at the end.

bella rose

Bella Rose, Co-director of Transportation, is from questionable heritage (perhaps a Westie in her “sketchy pedigree”) but is very grateful to have been saved from being a “puppy making machine” a.k.a. brood bitch. She is sweet to a fault but determined to do her job and be a support to Mia Kate.


Max is our “COC”…Chief Operating Canine in charge of all things “Presidential Dogs” do. He can do anything he wants to do as long as Jay doesn’t have to clean it up or apologize for it! His best subject is “Eating 101” and his job is to sample everything he can to be sure it is “good” enough for humans.

Hunter is our VP of Air! Trying to “fly” out the door, he managed to lose 4″ of his tail when his human sister body slammed it shut! He also broke a leash and “flew” into a gully a few hours after his little boy operation! So now he is trying very hard to stay grounded by being a good example and reminding us to drink plenty of water!