Tour-Rific of Texas began when Sandi Kerth went from being a “stewardess” to working in the banking sector. Sandi worked in the bank’s ailing travel agency business and in the first week of her assignment in 1989 she booked a trip for 150 high school students to Washington, D.C. for a band performance. When the director told her, she was the “best travel agent” he had ever worked with, she knew that there was potential for a new exciting opportunity! Fast forward 27 years later — Jay Kalra took over from Sandi to continue providing the great value and service Tour-Rific has been delivering our wonderful customers since the beginning.

Tour-Rific has a niche for student performance travel that can range from marching in a parade in Disney World to a concert performance in Carnegie Hall. Each trip is customized to meet the needs and budget of the group.

We have become a leader in the student travel industry through dedication, hard work, attention to detail, love of travel and a compulsion for perfection

We would be honored to plan your Tour-Rific trip!