Student group travel offers a unique opportunity for young minds to explore, learn, and create lasting memories together. One of the most exciting aspects of student travel is attending music festivals, where students can showcase their talents, connect with peers, and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of music. In this blog, we’ll delve into the best music festival travel packages for student groups, from the lively streets of Orlando to the charming vibes of Branson.

Exploring Orlando’s Music Festival Scene:

Orlando is not only known for its theme parks but also for its thriving music festival scene. Here’s a glimpse into some of the top music festivals in Orlando that student groups can experience:

  • Orlando Fest: A premier music festival that offers performance opportunities for bands, orchestras, choirs, and dance teams.
  • Universal Orlando’s STARS Performance Program: Students can perform at Universal Orlando Resort and enjoy exclusive access to the theme parks.
  • Festival Disney®: An unforgettable music festival experience at the Walt Disney World Resort, featuring performances in iconic venues.

Discovering the Magic of Branson’s Music Festivals:

Branson, Missouri, is a hidden gem for music lovers, offering a range of music festivals amidst its scenic beauty. Here are some must-visit music festivals in Branson:

  • Forté Music Festival: A celebration of music excellence featuring performances by student groups from across the country.
  • Bands of America Grand Nationals: The ultimate music competition for high school bands, held at the iconic Silver Dollar City theme park.
  • WGI World Championships: Witness the best indoor percussion and color guard performances at this prestigious event in Branson.

Benefits of Music Festival Travel Packages:

Traveling to music festivals with a student group offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Performance Opportunities: Students get the chance to showcase their talent on a larger stage and receive valuable feedback from judges.
  • Cultural Exchange: Interacting with other student groups and experiencing different musical styles enriches students’ cultural awareness and appreciation.
  • Team Bonding: Collaborating on rehearsals, performances, and travel activities fosters teamwork and camaraderie among group members.

Choosing the Right Music Festival Travel Package:

When selecting a music festival travel package for your student group, consider the following factors:

  • Performance Opportunities: Look for festivals that offer performance slots for your specific group type (band, choir, orchestra, etc.).
  • Accommodation and Transportation: Ensure that the package includes comfortable accommodation and reliable transportation options for your group.
  • Educational Workshops: Some festivals offer educational workshops and clinics, providing valuable learning experiences for students.


Music festival travel packages provide students with unforgettable experiences, opportunities for growth, and lifelong memories. Whether it’s performing on stage at Universal Orlando or competing at Bands of America Grand Nationals in Branson, these festivals offer something for every student group. So, pack your instruments, warm up your vocal cords, and embark on a musical journey with your fellow classmates. With the right travel package, the possibilities are endless!