Our suggestion is:

Determine number of people who will require a complimentary package. (Directors, administrators, etc.)

Add up the total cost (per cost page) of all airline tickets, hotel rooms, admission fees and meals, plus any anticipated expenses needed for these people.

Divide the grand total by the actual number of people who will be paying for the trip. (This may be only students or students and chaperones, parents, etc.)

Add this number to each student’s “Estimated Cost” as shown on our cost page.

Example: $3,000.00 in directors and chaperones expenses, with 100 paying students would add $30.00 to the cost of each student’s trip.

Please underestimate the number of paying participants as some will plan to go on the trip then drop out due to grades or personal finances.

Although we are showing a per student cost to give you an estimate, we will bill you based on the actual number of buses, hotel rooms, admission tickets, and any other special event you request.