As you navigate this great proposal you may have a few questions pop up…. so read this first, then sit back and imagine how great your trip will be!

How much time do I have before I need to make a commitment?

The destination and time of the year drive the urgency to decide. On busy travel week-ends when there isn’t state testing, AP tests, UIL, Prom, etc., the cream of the crop hotels and bus companies book very fast. We need a nominal deposit to hold the bus and hotel and then we will set up a payment schedule that works for you. In most cases, an air deposit of $50 pp is needed within two weeks of booking.

How many payments will I have?

We try to keep it to 3 or 4 max. You need to collect the money from your students but you also need to teach, so we try very hard not to bother you with frequent trips to your bookkeeper asking for checks.

I have no idea how many are going!! What if my numbers drop?

We have the most lenient cancellation policy in the industry. Please compare! All deposits placed will go to the grand total. If you start with 80 people and go down to 50, that is fine….you won’t lose a penny! The only exception will be for non-refundable tickets if already purchased, such as Broadway shows. We will let you know if something has a cancellation penalty.

Will I get free trips for Directors?

If you would like free packages we can certainly build that in, but we all know NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS FREE and no other company can afford to give away free trips either. Other companies just pad the students’ trip package to allow for one comp for so many paying. So for example, if they pad the trip $30 per student for a ratio of 1 comp per 20 paid, and if they end up with 75 people, they will have collected from you $30 pp for the extra 15 people….but you didn’t quite make the last 20 people for the comp…you were short 5 people. So you did not earn that 4th comp. That is profit to the other tour company…as in $30 x 15 kids or an extra $450. You will never see that!

We prefer to give you the raw costs of air, buses, meals and attractions.

You decide how many need to go free and figure out the money needed to cover their trips (or we will gladly help). Divide the amount by the number of kids paying and then you have the amount to add to the kids’ trip. No lost money now!!
We think it is just the right way to do it!

What about No Pass/No Play?

We have insurance available that will cover it! The fee is nominal.

About Airline Tickets…

Are airline deposits refundable? Of course! All money paid goes to the grand total. The only exception is Southwest Airlines. If you place a deposit and cancel the whole reservation, you will lose $50 pp. However, if you go from 80 to 50 passengers you are not penalized a penny!

Why do some tour companies ask for $100 pp air deposit? We have no idea… the airlines only ask for $50.

Will I have a tour manager to escort my trip?

If you would like one, of course! But like the free trips…there is a cost involved. We give you more details about this in your proposal.

I hope this information is helpful and that you will decide to take a Tour-Rific trip with us! The Tour-rific team has a combined 75 years of experience….we love what we do!