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About Sandi Kerth / The Beginning

Tour-Rific® of Texas had its beginnings through circumstances beyond my control. My travel career started in the '70s as a "stewardess" for American Airlines. This was, at the time, what every girl aspired to be. After seven years of circling the globe I decided it was time to retire my wings to become a full time "mom" and grow roots in Texas. Eight years later I became a single mom and went into the banking business. After enduring a few years in a somewhat boring industry, I jumped at the chance to pump life back into the bank president’s ailing travel agency. Within a week of this assignment I had 150 students booked to Washington, D.C. When the band director told me I was the best "travel agent" he had ever used, I knew that a new and exciting career was about to begin.

My first year, while I was still in banking, I planned about 15 student trips. This was at a time when Savings and Loans in Texas were changing names faster than new checks could be printed. When the insolvent bank and its travel agency closed, I realized that I not only had a gift for this niche, but I also had customers all over Houston dependent on me for their travel arrangements. Tour-Rific® was born and is still making history.

Tour-Rific® of Texas has become a leader in student travel through dedication, hard work, attention to detail, love of travel and my compulsion for perfection. I am fortunate that my staff shares my enthusiasm.

We welcome the opportunity to plan your Tour-Rific® trip!

Sandi Kerth

Sandi Kerth